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TNRTA 2016 Annual Meeting –  July 2, 2016 – Truro Public Library –  10 AM

Our annual members’ meeting is always held on the first Saturday in July – this year, July 2, 2016.  Please come for an informative meeting to hear and discuss with Planning Board Members some key zoning issues facing us,  to learn about the upcoming Mass DOT plans to construct Bike Lanes along Route 6 in 2016-17, and to discuss other matters of interest and concern, including those raised in TNRTA’s President’s Letter in May.   Please join us!  See you there!


Truro Changes Fees at Transfer Station –  Effective June 8, 2016

At a Board of Health meeting on June 7, 2016, the Board voted 4-0-1 to increase sticker fees for residential, commercial and visitor use of the Transfer Station.  These changes were effective immediately  (that is, on June 8, 2016). Residential stickers for Truro property owners are now $100, with stickers for second and third cars and replacement stickers at $25 each.  Other fees  for commercial use and for renters can be found on the Truro town website.  We had requested a less sharp increase and an effective date of no earlier than July 1.  Others commented as well, and raised an issue the BoH may take up in 2016-17:  why we have stickers fees for taxpayers at all, when all other safety and health costs such as Police, Fire and EMS are covered entirely by the Town’s operating budget.  Interesting question.  We will keep you posted on the responses as they develop.


Revised Policy:  Private Roads/Public Maintenance in Winter

Truro has amended its Policy Memorandum #17  to reflect a modified policy on emergency snow plowing of private roads in winter. Going froward,  if a true winter emergency exists, the Town will plow private roads on an as-needed basis to ensure safety and access of emergency vehicles, but in all other cases,  property owners on private roads are responsible for their own plowing and maintenance of these private roads.  In addition to a BoS meeting on the topic, TNRTA held a well-attended and lively forum on this topic last August which informed the BoS position. Policy Memo #17, as amended, can be found here.  In it, “emergency” is defined clearly.


Upcoming Zoning Issues for 2016-17

In the coming fiscal year, at least two issues related to zoning will be under review by the Planning Board:  an updated and workable new definition of “street” and “street adequacy” that will preserve rural character, protect property owners’ rights, and work with current conditions on the ground; and a bylaw being drafted to [generously] limit house size within the Seashore.  These bylaws will be the subject of considerable discussion between now and February 2017, if they are to be put up for Town vote at All Town Meeting next April 2017.  We hope you join the discussions by letting us know your thoughts.
Come to the Annual Meeting on July 2 to learn more and discuss. 


TNRTA Comments on Draft Housing Needs Assessment Report

A Draft Housing Needs Assessment report was submitted to the Truro Housing Authority in mid-August.  After making oral comments at the THA meeting on August 18th,  the Committee requested TNRTA’s comments in writing, found here.  The Draft recommends an ambitious and far reaching 15-20 year program of housing development in Truro, including 30+ units on an immediate basis, two additional 30 +/- unit rental apartment complexes,  one 10 +/- unit cottage/duplex rental site, and a “youth lot”affordable deed-restricted home ownership program.  These would generate approximately 124 units overall at a potential cost in excess of $50 million plus to address estimated current and projected future affordable housing needs in Truro.
TNRTA’s comments focus on the methodology used to generate and present the data in the Draft, expressing concern about the wide margins of error and high levels of uncertainty in the estimated current needs and projected future needs (through 2035), especially in light of the proposed scope and cost.  Among its recommendations to strengthen the Housing Needs Assessment process, TNRTA recommended re-analyzing the data using proper statistical treatment for actual margins of error in the data and proposed conducting primary research directly involving a community wide effort to determine Truro’s actual housing needs, now  and for the foreseeable future.  TNRTA has offered to assistant and encourage participation in the ongoing discussion.  The THA is in the process of revising the Draft in preparation for a Truro Housing Summit scheduled for October 24, 2015.


TNRTA Members’ Forum Thursday, August 20, 2015 – 5pm

TNRTA Members’ Forum Thursday, August 20, 2015
5:00 P.M. at the Truro Library

Join Rae Ann Palmer, Town Administrator
to discuss

Private Roads/Public Maintenance in Winter Weather Emergencies

Non-residents (and snow birds) living on private roads face special challenges during winter weather emergencies: To plow or not to plow. Should the Town have a role in ensuring safe access for emergency vehicles and utilities to private roads? What triggers Town action? Who pays and how? These are important questions that affect both people and property.

Come! Join the discussion. Inform the action.

See You There!

If you cannot attend, please send questions and observations to us at Thanks!


Important Town Discussion- Private Roads/Public Maintenance in Winter

In the gorgeous August weather in Truro, it is hard to remember the 3 feet+ of snow on the ground this past winter. But many hard lessons were learned by the Town and by property owners on private roads about proper and timely maintenance and plowing.
Property owners on private roads are responsible for plowing an maintaining their private roadways.  Many do this through common agreements or homeowners’ associations. But a wide number of private roads run through subdivisions, the seashore, and other areas where homeowners do not have common agreements to share responsibilities and costs for plowing and maintenance.
In the winter of 2015, the Town found that both for medical and other emergencies and to provide access to utilities’ trucks and trucks carrying oil and propane to [even unoccupied] houses,  many private roads were not plowed at all or sufficiently to ensure safe access. The Town is now seeking to develop an appropriate policy and practice that balances winter snow safety and access with private property rights and obligations, and that does so on a fair and equitable cost basis.  This is new territory for “private roaders” and for the Town and we have an opportunity to shape the Town’s approach.
To meets one of its goals for FY 2016, the BoS is holding a public hearing on this topic on August 11 at 5 PM at Town Hall as part of its regular meeting.  All are invited to attend.
TNRTA is hosting a forum on this topic on August 20, informed by the BoS meeting and some additional post-hearing deliberations,  to discuss options and implications and to inform the Town’s policy and implementation, however that may develop.
We look forward to seeing you at this forum.


TNRTA Annual Members’ Meeting – July 4, 10 AM, First Congregational Meetinghouse 

Our annual members’ meeting is always held on the first Saturday in July – this year, the Fourth of July.  Come and join us for an informative meeting to hear and discuss the BoS’s and our perspectives on the State of the Town and some key issues facing us, meet and talk with our new Town Administrator, and learn about the near-final proposals for the extension of the Bike Trails into and out of Truro, and other matters of interest and concern to you.   Bonus round is to see the improvements and final renovations to this historic structure.

Please join us!  See you there!


Truro Holds Town-Wide Meeting on goals & priorities for FY 2016 – Join the Discussion on June 30, 2015

Truro yesterday asked TNRTA to pass on the date and time of an important discussion on town goals and priorities, so that we can join in having input. The BoS will hold a town-wide meeting on:

Date: Tuesday June 30, 2015
Place: Truro Town Hall-Selectmen’s Meeting Room
Time: 5:00pm

Here is a draft document prepared by the BoS that will be the basis of their presentation and Q&A. If you cannot make this meeting, please feel free to send your comments and questions to us at We will be there!


Blizzard 2015 Causes Ballston Beach Breach, little other damage in Truro

The blizzard of 2015, just winding down at the time of this post, has left Truro with much snow, high drifts, but little permanent damage EXCEPT to the Ballston Beach area.

  • The Pamet River barrier dune was again swept away in the high tide surge on Jan 27th. Penetration of ocean water into the beach parking area was more extensive than in 2013 and it will remain unknown for a few days as to how extensive the impact on Pamet Valley may be. We expect that a full analysis to follow, with concern for residents’ septic systems and wells, as it did in 2013. In 2013 no impact on residents’ water was found, and experts engaged recommended that Pamet Valley be allowed to naturalize to equalize water levels in the Pamet River as an effective management strategy. This may be the position taken going forward or other actions may be recommended in the coming months. We will keep you posted.
  • In North Truro 34% of homes from Shore Road to the P’town line lost electricity yesterday; power was restored by last evening. Otherwise, power outages were spotty and minimal.
  • Winds remain high, creating drifts and making passage of roads difficult in many places. However, the DPW has been nothing short of heroic in continually clearing roadways to their best ability.
  • We will keep you apprised if conditions change or new information comes to our attention.

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